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What is your process, from the order received to the order being shipped out?


Leather – First, we hand select your leather. A thorough detailed inspection follows and every piece that fails in any way to meet our incredibly high standards is discarded.

Pockets – The pocket (Kydex) portion of the holster is then hand-fitted to your specific weapon. Unlike others, we never use a mechanical vacuum that forms a generic pocket. Our craftsman then hand fit the pocket to the leather backer, making certain the exact angle of cant is achieved. Perfect weapon retention is verified by hand.

Completion – A final inspection confirms that your holster is worthy of being called a Crossbreed Holster.

Packing – One more set of hands packages your holster and double-checks your address. After all the effort, we want to be sure it shows up where you want it!

Please Call Customer Service 888-732-5011 or create a ticket for more information.

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